Who We Are, What We Do

In September of 2013, The Electric Monocle was designed as an electro swing speakeasy set in modern day, inside the virtual realms of Second Life. Re-imagined in 2017 as a private, members-only club for those who are active participants.

Events are held weekly on Saturday nights at 9pm Second Life™ time. To visit as a guest, one must contact me to be added to our guest list. Read more about our House Rules including our dress code.

What I intend the Monocle to be is an exciting and upbeat place where attitude is left behind, the music flows like gin, and we all find a new commonality in the scene. The scene is meant to be similar to those found in real life 21st century speakeasies. It’s common for these bars to attract followers of electro swing, and lovers of vintage attire. Whether inspired by the roaring 20’s or the swinging jazz age, guests are encouraged to dress their best while cutting a rug.

Still not sure what the heck we’re talking about? You can always contact me inworld, Subversive Vavoom, or simply visit my Facebook page (click here) to send a message.  Thank you for your interest in electro swing and the Electric Monocle!



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